IMARC Sydney 2023 from the Team at Digicore

IMARC 2023 was the first show we have attended since the lockdown. We spent a day driving all our gear and display equipement up to Sydney and then bumped in on Monday, ready to start on Tuesday. The event spanned three days and we spoke to well over 150 of our peers which was not only insightful but inspiring learning about new technologies and services. The buzz words were certainly around ‘electrification’ and ‘automation’. One of esteemed clienst Thiess, talked about the ‘Olive Downs complex‘ which is 100% autonomously run and is now the second most efficiently run mine in the world.

For us, some of the most exciting conversation revolved around the latest tech in the early signs of Fatigue and also a potential partner that can assist our current solution in transferring data over satellite which would further improve our current offering.

It’s fair to say that Dan, Gagan and I learnt a great deal and connected with some brilliant minds in our industry. We certainly had a lot of interest from clients overseas that were impressed with our solution. This will give us a bunch of work and new projects for 2024. Until next year… 

Here is a selection of images from our time at IMARC Sydney 2023.