Fortescue Metals Group is a global leader in the iron ore industry. The company is recognised for its ability to innovated and adapt, its commitment to using new technologies and its industry-leading development of world class infrastructure and mining assets throughout the Pilbara, Western Australia.


Fortescue came to us requiring a simple, easy to install and manage, cost effective solution to keep track of not only their own staff but also contractors. They wanted to ensure that all vehicles complied to the OH&S requirements associated with operating a vehicle on site.  They needed to track the vehicles movements but more importantly keep them safer by providing them with a means to get a message out in the case of an emergency. They also wanted to know how the vehicles were being treated to ensure they could keep their maintenance costs down and also understand how their fleet was being utilised to better manage the quantity of vehicles required at each site. On top of this they also also wanted to ensure that staff and contractors were adhering to the journey management protocols of taking regular 15 minute breaks on longer journeys.


To achieve the spec Fortescue were seeking, Digicore needed to design an entirely new portable device. We pushed our entry level IVMS unit to its limits, going back to the manufacturer to add additional firmware capabilities for the journey management requirements. We did this to ensure we could provide what Fortescue wanted to achieve whilst still making it incredibly cost effective. Digicore then designed a new loom that would not only allow the unit to be plugged into a standard 12V or 24V in-cab socket but also incorporate a buzzer for in-cab alerts as well as a panic button with missile switch cover to provide a means of getting a message out in the event of an emergency. 

Today Digicore have over 800 units active on multiple site with Fortescue. Recently Digicore have redesigned the loom to take its power from the OBD via an OBD splitter. This allowed for the unit to have a plug-in, strap-up, 5-10 minute under the dash install, out of sight out of mind, providing a consistent data stream from the vehicle, with no opportunity for it to be unplugged or tampered with.


Digicore Australia portable IVMS