Digicore’s Fair Usage Policy

At Digicore we make sure our IVMS customers don’t get surprises when we send them a bill: all subscription costs are quoted as a fixed rate and any excess usage cost adjustments will only be after proper consultation.

Our standard subscription rates for 3G and Iridium satellite include the following:IVMS Fair Usage

  • 3G: a position every 15 minutes and a position for Ignition ON/OFF, plus notifications of all defined exceptions like speed and seat belt violations – to a total of 5MB of IVMS data per month
  • Iridium: a position every 20 minutes and a position on Ignition OFF, so that owners can know where vehicles are parked overnight

We would, as a general rule, waive slight and occasional excessive usage and notifications, but in the event that this is ongoing we would expect our IVMS customers to negotiate more reasonable and appropriate charges with us.