GPS Car Tracking Device

GPS Car Tracking is great for companies of any size to manage their fleet

The Digicore product is ideal to track any moving vehicle, no matter if it is a car, truck or even a train: as long as it moves and it has a power source the iS130/ iS220 series will accurately show where the vehicle is. In addition to position, the products will also provide information on the following:

  • Speed – recorded every second and sent through as often as every 5 seconds
  • Excessive idle – this is controlled through a parameter so customers can customise what they deem to be excessive
  • Harsh driving – this includes acceleration, braking and harsh cornering, once again controlled and set through parameters
  • Over-revving – this is very relevant where vehicle abuse is suspected
  • Driver identification through RFID or Dallas keys

In addition to the above, the units have open digital circuits that can be used for any on-board state that can be detected digitally, such as door open/ close, flap up/down, overheating light on etc.

The Digicore car GPS tracking device provides a versatile and highly customisable solution to people that need to know where their vehicles are and how they are driven – contact us today for more information or a trial userid and password to our online system!