Digicore adds actual fuel management into their GPS/ IVMS and VirtuaFuel family of solutions

From low-end GPS, to mining IVMS to asset trackers of all form, Digicore now also provide their customers a comprehensive fuel management system. Making use of the same high-end programmable DCA400 series units we use for IVMS/ GPS Tracking, we now integrate with BrightForce and other fuel gauges to accurate relay into our reporting system the level of fuel in mining equipment already fitted with our GPS/ IVMS units.

Customers receive daily reports showing exactly how much fuel each plant has, and trend lines are shown so as to help prevent fuel theft: a sudden and unexpected drop in fuel levels relayed back-to-base by the GPS unit is processed and shown as an exception that should be attended to. Our online system allows our customers to set thresholds at which alerts should be sent, so as to ensure that fuel tanks are filled in time and in line with a structured refuel program.

Our core focus will always be IVMS/ GPS Tracking and, more specifically, mining IVMS. But IVMS/ GPS Tracking in itself forms no more than a part of the wider asset and vehicle GPS management systems we proudly offer our customers.