Digicore announces its new range of Iridium satellite products

Digicore has for many years made use of the Inmarsat satellite network but has decided to switch over to the Iridium network with its new iS400 series product. Not only does this product provide customers with state-of-the art satellite technology, but it also has wi-fi as an option.

Backed by a fully configurable choice of options, communications costs will always be kept to a minimum as the iS400 series will try communication in the following sequence:

  • Wi-Fi where available
  • NextGTM where available
  • Iridium, provided a satellite head has been added

If NextGTM or Iridium communication is not available, then all data will be stored in a wrap-around buffer large enough to enable several months’ worth of data collection, all of which will then be relayed back-to-base when next wi-fi or NextGTM becomes available. Customers are given the option of a send-immediate or a delayed relay of position packets, giving them a choice that fits in with their preparedness to pay for more expensive satellite communication.

Digicore is proud to offer its customers an extensive range of products and options to suit all requirements. We do not lock customers into contracts and we provide better value for money than any of our competitors: we are indeed a Tier-1 supplier (with organisations like BHPB and Rio Tinto amongst our customers) at a price normally only available from importers of cheap products from Asia.

All of our products are ACMA and Telstra approved – please feel free to ask us for certification tests.