Digicore entering the Aged Care GPS tracking market.

Based in Melbourne, Digicore has become known as one of Australia’s leading IVMS/ GPS suppliers. Ranging from high-end mining IVMS to providing container suppliers with GPS solutions, Digicore does everything GPS in between: portable IVMS, asset trackers, personnel trackers, installed and battery operated  3G and satellite devices, GPS Logbooks: whatever it takes to be successful running an IVMS/ GPS operation from Melbourne in 2017, and more so in a fiercely competitive market!

We are now in discussions with a supplier of GPS trackers for the aged care and soon Digicore will, in addition to its key focus on mining IVMS, also add trackers for aged people. The products will be shipped and supported from Melbourne, as we are currently doing for our other IVMS/ GPS customers.

To date aged care GPS had been a very basic product, mostly based on a somewhat rudimentary SMS system whereby family members can SMS a mobile GPS unit and get a message back saying where the carrier of the pendulum-style GPS product currently finds themselves. From our experience in the IVMS/ GPS market we plan to change this: running off our Melbourne servers we will also offer our new customers the ability to do live tracking of carriers of mobile GPS units. This becomes particularly important when dealing with people with dementia or people in aged care: GPS will, as with so many other industries, prove itself to be a valuable tool to protect people.

Proudly Melbourne based, proudly a national IVMS/ GPS supplier, Digicore looks forward to this new GPS offering it will bring to market. Watch this space – our primary focus will always be Ctrack and mining IVMS/ GPS, but there certainly are exciting times ahead as we also enter the aged care market!