Digicore integrates with KIMAX II

 Digicore is proud to announce their latest revolutionary solution to support Australia’s trucking industry.

In what can be considered a significant advancement, we have integrated information received from the Kimax load cell system with our GPS obtained information, providing a single interface from where compliance managers will be able to not only see truck movement online, but also manage truck load bearing.

The benefits are obvious: rather than having to make use of expensive weighbridges, all trucks and trailers will now on an ongoing basis report the load they carry back to base, as and when they are loaded and unloaded, as well at all times during movement.

Over time organisations would be able to have significant cost savings insofar weighbridge investments are concerned, as these may well become obsolete.

This truly is an innovation that could have significant impacts to the entire trucking industry in Australia! Knowing the load on each truck and each trailer will not only protect trucking businesses against statutory penalties and litigation exposures, but also enable them to optimise truck utilisation. A simple example would be where trucks are consistently under utilised, as this would not only mean that trucking schedules can be changed to optimise capacity, but also that smaller trucks can be considered when next trucks are replaced.

Please contact us for more information and discussion regarding a trial for your own fleet.