Digicore is proud to announce its new VirtuaFuel intelligent software.

Remote monitoring of fuel consumption can be done by making use of fuel-flow monitors, as well as devices that measure how much fuel is left in tank, either as a floater inside the tank or as an external ultrasonic add-on. Both of these measures require the purchase of an additional piece of hardware, which is an unnecessary cost.

We have invented a new, easier way to deal with managing fuel. This is how it works:

  • the operator is presented with an online screen showing all of their equipment such as light plants, pumps etc.
  • they then indicate 1) how many hours the equipment can run on a tank of fuel and 2) at what stage they need to be notified that fuel is low
  • a GPS tracker sends the hours back to base, where the hours are added up and compared to the set parameters
  • when the threshold is reached, the operator is notified and fuel delivery can be arranged
  • once the tank has been filled, the fuel delivery person turns a key to indicate that the tank has been filled, from where all counters are reset and the process starts again

If used correctly, the operator will over time end up with an extremely accurate fuel management tool, with customisable notifications via SMS and/ or e-mail

Another Digicore idea has manifested itself in a tool that can change managing on-site equipment!