Digicore’s unique IVMS dual-speed lookup system.

 It has become common practice for many organisations to use GPS speed detection for safety purposes, i.e. company vehicles are monitored and drivers are cautioned where they habitually exceed speed limits. We decided it was time to think about this differently.This is relatively easy on mine sites, provided of course the sites have the required GIS data available and it is maintained in line with what is posted on roads. This becomes a lot harder when dealing with public roads as local and state authorities constantly change road speed limits and mapping companies simply cannot keep up with the ongoing changes. There is always a lag between a council or state government’s decisions and what is recorded in the mapping software.

The obvious problem of this is that it makes mapping software unreliable and this puts management at risk of unfairly accusing drivers of speeding, when in fact it is possible that the speed limit recorded in the mapping software is incorrect.

Digicore’s IVMS system is the only one backed by a dual-lookup process.

How does this work?

Our software looks up the speed limits from two different mapping companies, then compares the values received for the same location. If they agree we assume them to be correct, if they disagree, or if either of the two don’t have an actual value, we caution the reader.

No mapping software will ever be totally beyond risk of an error as road authorities can make changes to speed limits at any time, but a dual-lookup system does provide a significantly higher level of confidence than a single-lookup system could ever achieve.

Click here for a sample report of what can be achieved from dual speed lookups for IVMS