High Gain Antennas in the Surat Basin- Do you really need Iridium where you are working?

Digicore has done extensive investigations into the requirement for satellite devices in the Surat Basin. What we found was quite interesting and it shows that, by making use of high-gain antennas, the need for satellite devices can be negated in most cases.A total of more than one hundred vehicles were used, some of which were fitted with and others without high-gain antennas. The assessment was done in a statistically balanced way i.e. random trips over an extended period of time were assessed.

As can be seen by looking at the results from vehicles without high-gain antennas, there certainly are many areas where there is a delay in position packets being sent to base, as a result of a lack of phone communications (our tests were done making use of Australia’s premium 3G network supplier’s SIM cards).

Signal Coverage without a high gain IVMS antenna


Below is the result for vehicles that are fitted with high-gain antennas, and as can be seen, this has virtually eliminated all coverage gaps.

Signal Coverage with a high gain IVMS antenna


Our conclusion is that, for all intents and purposes, there is adequate 3G coverage in the Surat Basin and that, unless there is a need for a guaranteed immediate delivery of ALL messages, the expense incurred in fitting satellite units as fail-over devices is mostly not justified.