IVMS as a Tool

safety toolbox ivmsIVMS – Just another specification to comply to; or a tool that empowers your site safety…? 

 “Safety first” is a slogan hailed by society on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, it has reached a point where it has become so general that people don’t give the attention to safety as it should and this has left the WH&S space something often despised.  IVMS/ GPS Tracking originated as a result of accidents and many near-misses incidents within dangerous work places, especially (although not exclusively) mining sites. GPS tracking technology came on the radar as a tool to help save people’s lives and In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) as both a concept and methodology was born. 

As with many first generation technological innovations, IVMS too was open to interpretation and initial IVMS/ GPS Tracking solutions were not as reliable, nor were IVMS operators really informed enough to develop a sound IVMS/ GPS Tracking system that addressed the needs of mines and similar clients – However, as time passed, IVMS/ GPS Tracking users grasped a handle of the material requirements of what an IVMS system should do and thusly refinied their functional specifications to more closely mirror the desired safety outcome.  As with any “tech race”, natural autrician saw some IVMS/ GPS Tracking suppliers not keeping up with the changing IVMS requirements and subsequently took their IVMS products off the market, or simply disappeared from the IVMS space all together.

 It is worth mentioning that some IVMS/ GPS Tracking products have been regulated to a certain extent, and ‘that programs like ‘Safer Together’ have put together a reliable and universal IVMS specification that can be potentially adapted and implemented cross-industry.  Many organisations, including Santos, QGC, Arrow Gas have adopted ‘Safer Together’ as their over arching standard, and will only purchase IVMS units from suppliers that comply with the ‘Safer Together’ IVMS protocol.

More than 10 years have passed since the initial inception of IVMS. It is as important, perhaps even more important, than what it ever was.  

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