IVMS in difficult times – a good idea or not?

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IVMS comes cheaper than what it used to, but it is still is an expense and, in difficult times, should this perhaps be cancelled or at least deferred?

Definitely not!

One of our major clients in Queensland turned their IVMS off when the coal price collapsed around 2010. No sooner had they done that when the trouble started: we almost immediately received calls from maintenance managers about cars being abused again. Safety managers called us: old habits popped up overnight. Sadly their senior management persisted and vehicles were brought into operation without IVMS to “save” costs. Today IVMS has been re-installed, notwithstanding the fact that the coal price never recovered to anywhere near the levels they were in those happy mining boom days.

Why is that?

For the simple reason that IVMS pays for itself. We had years ago done an analysis that you can read here and you can also contact us for more detail on an actual dollar-analysis whitepaper we published at the time.

If IVMS paid for itself in the past, then it is even doing more so in 2020. In 2009 a full-blown IVMS system cost more than $2,000 fully installed, today it is below $500 and, even then, today’s system is far more advanced. IVMS will now not only track speed, position and seatbelt usage, it will also monitor driving style through an in-built accelerometer, the sensitivity settings of which can be customised over-the-air to suit different site conditions. Why is this relevant? The very driver that puts their and others’ lives at risk with their driving styles, is also the driver that is damaging an expensive gearbox and going through brake pads at an accelerated rate, not to mention wasted fuel. IVMS puts an end to all of this in one go: a safer driver is a better drives when it comes to wear-and-tear. The link with money is direct and obvious: install IVMS and the savings in repair and replacements will pay for IVMS many times over very soon, the safety brought to you by IVMS becomes a free and life-saving bonus.

Contact Digicore today: leaders in highly customised IVMS, we have been helping companies save money through IVMS since 2008! Our approach is and always will be to find you the IVMS system that not only keeps you compliant but one that is also minimised in cost yet maximised in benefit.