Plug-and-Play IVMS – can it work?

With the advent of plug-and-play GPS devices the question arises as to whether these devices are suitable for traditional IVMS/ GPS Tracking.

To answer this question, we need to go back to what exactly IVMS/ GPS Tracking constitutes – this in itself is a problem as the definition of IVMS/ GPS Tracking has never been fully locked down. We get enough calls from contractors who are told that they need to get IVMS/ GPS Tracking, but they often have no further detail. These are the questions that need to be asked when dealing with IVMS/ GPS Tracking and we’d like to show if plug-and-play IVMS/ GPS Tracking would meet the standard or not:



Feature General IVMS requirements Plug-and-play IVMS
Driver id Each driver needs to identify themselves Can be done but is a bit messy as a cable needs to be attached to the device and the entire configuration then needs to be secured with cable ties.
Speed Different speed zones often apply on mine sites; public road speed limits may also be enforced Fully met
Harsh driving Harsh acceleration, braking and cornering are detected and reported on Full met
Seatbelt Seatbelt sensors are fitted as part of many IVMS roll-outs Does not comply
4×4 mode Certain mines require drivers to engage 4×4 on dirt roads Does not comply
Handbrake usage Somewhat obsolete but some IVMS implementations still use this Does not comply
Driver fatigue Drive times are measured and drivers are mandated to rest Fully met
Over-revving Used to protect vehicles against damage Does not comply
Excessive idle Used to preserve fuel Fully met
Satellite Some IVMS implementations require satellite radios to be fitted for full visibility also outside 3G/4G Does not comply
Driver notifications IVMS units can be programmed to warn drivers of violation thresholds Does not comply


So, to ascertain as to whether plug-and-play IVMS/ GPS Tracking meets the IVMS requirements of a mine site, one really needs to go back to what exactly constitutes IVMS/ GPS Tracking on that particular site.

For advice and an assessment on your IVMS/ GPS Tracking requirements you can call Digicore – leaders in Australian-wide IVMS/ GPS Tracking since 2006!