Portable IVMS. A fantastic solution, but there are a few trade-offs.

As more mining, and gas sites across the country push for mandatory IVMS for any vehicle entering their site, contractors are being told they must comply to work there.

This sounds like a fairly reasonable request on the face of it, but sometimes contractors only have a very short-term contract on site. In this instance hardwiring a full-blown IVMS unit into their vehicle seems a little unreasonable, especially if the contractor is using a hired vehicle.

This is where the prospect of a portable IVMS unit shines through as the more sensible alternative. Our portable IVMS units have become more advanced over the years as technology, and requirements have increased. Today’s portable IVMS units can now truly give you nearly all the information a traditional installation would provide with a few caveats and exceptions.

What a portable IVMS is capable of:

  • Communications over 4G LTE Cat-M1 NB-IoT, and optional Iridium
  • Live tracking
  • Trip tracking
  • Speeding events on public road with public speed limits
  • Harsh events (Braking, Cornering, Acceleration)
  • Driver ID
  • Panic button
  • Driver Fatigue with in-cab alerts
  • Top Speed with in-cab alert
  • In-Cab speed alerts within Geofenced locations
  • Local Geozone storage, and recognition on the device
  • Full suite of reports

Portable IVMS capability comes with these caveats:

  • Impact, harsh events, and roll-over detection require the unit to be fixed in place to be most reliable (Velcro tape can be used to preserve its portability)
  • Seatbelt pickup requires a seatbelt sensor to be installed. This can be plugged in, and out of the device with the sensor left in the vehicle. (Seatbelt pickups do not require any power feed or tampering with any of the vehicle’s electronics)

Portable IVMS can’t pick up:

  • RPM
  • Over-revving
  • Cruise control activation
  • 4WD engagement

Given that so much of what is required to be compliant on site with IVMS is covered by a portable IVMS device, a portable IVMS does a pretty good job covering almost all of the mandatory requirements. With Digicore portable IVMS units starting for as little as $300 ex GST per unit, being plug-and-play and offering no lock-in-contract pay-per-month subscriptions. It really does make staying IVMS compliant on site an easy decision, with very few reasons not to have IVMS – no matter how long your contract is, or whether you own the vehicle or not. Give Digicore a call and let us help you keep you IVMS compliant when you need to be, with the ability to switch it off and take it out when you don’t.