The DCA700 family of products puts you in touch with your staff, no matter where they are!

DCA710Digicore is proud to announce that it has entered the personnel tracking market with two exceptionally versatile and easy-to-use products: our DCA710 3G tracker and the DCA720 satellite tracker. Both these products can relay a worker’s position back to base on an ongoing basis and both of them have duress notification capabilities. The DCA710 also have the ability to receive mobile phone calls, so now, perhaps for the first time, a site manager would have the ability to make contact with any worker without allowing personal mobile phones on site. Combined with a central online interface, visibility of any person on site becomes easy and so does communication: with a single click of a mouse every single worker within range of a danger, or even every single worker on site, can receive immediate notification to evacuate. This truly is a new capability long awaited by Australian mine sites! 

SPOTThese abilities can be combined with commercial aspects: site management will now have the ability to know exactly when a worker came on site and when they left, and they will even be able to distinguished between a worker being productive, versus spending time in the staff canteen! By combining this with a carefully developed customised application programming interface (API), Digicore would make accurate tracking and payment of workers a far more precise and easy task to accomplish.

Contact us today to discuss the many opportunities this will open for your site – our programming staff is ready to provide you with a solution that will feed data directly into your site management, operational and financial systems!