The difference between a high-end IVMS system and a GPS system

The question is often asked, what is the difference between IVMS and GPS?

The short and simple answer is this: an IVMS system is also a GPS system, but not all GPS systems are IVMS systems. IVMS is GPS plus: it consists of a GPS system with the following major add-on functionality:

  1. it can relay data back-to-base via a SIM card
  2. it has the option to switch over to Iridium (or similar) satellite communication in the event that mobile phone coverage drops out
  3. it integrates with the vehicle’s systems, including but not limited to seat belts, 4×4 mode, RPM detection and the handbrake system
  4. it has the ability to enable driver identification through swipe cards
  5. it has the ability of a duress button
  6. it can detect harsh driving (braking, acceleration and cornering) and relay this information back-to-base
  7. it can warn a driver of an impeding violation notification
  8. it can enable different forms of geofence monitoring by having in-memory maps, so a driver can be warned when they enter dangerous areas or exit an area beyond a certain limit
  9. it has available second-by-second movement data over an extended period of time, so as to make in-depth analysis of accidents possible.

In addition, an IVMS system relies on a significant software back-end back-at-base, to enable the following:

  1. immediate visibility of where all vehicles are at any timeThe DCA600 is a full featured mining IVMS solution to bring you full GPS Fleet visibility.
  2. immediate identification of the driver
  3. immediate escalation in the event of a duress
  4. regular reporting to make management aware of violations
  5. medium and longer term historical data to monitor collective and individual driving styles and problems
  6. the ability to provide a post-event accident report should this become necessary.

Meeting all of the above IVMS requirements and backed by an extremely competent and experienced IVMS technical team, combined with national acceptance on virtually all mine sites, makes Digicore the obvious choice!