The evolving nature of GPS

IVMS and GPS for Local Government.There has been a significant shift in the cost/ functionality ratio in GPS over the past few years. Prices have nosedived and yesterday’s advanced functionality has become today’s basic and standard functionality. Solid state accelerometers were expensive not that long ago and only top-of-the range GPS devices could detect driving style – this functionality is available even in the cheaper devices of today. Driver identification used to be done by propriety keys, today it is common to make use of standard RFID keys and companies can use the same keys they use to control access to also identify drivers.

The result of all of this is that the world has become a more efficient place as a result of the ever growing use of GPS. That a plane could disappear into the ocean untracked and untraced is an indication of gross negligence, as very cheap satellite based devices can give enough “dots on the map” to easily avoid costly hunts for aero planes deep down in the ocean. Satellite plans, although still expensive compared to GSM communication, has dropped enough in price for aircraft operators to update flight positions often enough so the world never loses a plane again.

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