The impact of a mining environment on an IVMS system

Weather Impact on GPS Tracking UnitsIf there is an environment that would test an IVMS’s reliability and resilience then it would be the Australian mining sector. Heat, humidity and extreme dust are just the most obvious threats, add in a miner with a water hose and the life of an IVMS system becomes outright dangerous.

We would like to refer our reader to this article, with full acknowledgement to the author who clearly is a specialist in the field .

IVMS/ GPS Tracking units are a mixture of microchips, a GPS chip, a modem and a battery, all encapsulated in a steel case. Fit this as part of an IVMS/ GPS Tracking system in a mining vehicle in Western Australia and the IVMS/ GPS Tracking system had better be well-built: the heat alone will kill off anything of inferior quality in no time at all, starting off by melting the battery and then the rest.

Digicore, and its manufacturer Inseego, have been fitting GPS and IVMS/ GPS Tracking systems in the most extreme parts of the world for many, many years. It is rare for a Ctrack unit to die and we received many 2G units back that had been in uninterrupted operation for 5 and more years when Telstra switched off their 2G network in 2016. You may get a cheaper IVMS/ GPS Tracking system, but you won’t be able to buy a better one.

Ctrack IVMS/ GPS Tracking – built to last!