The importance of Driver Identification in IVMS

Mining vehicles are often shared between multiple drivers, so it is important that accurate track is kept of who is driving any particular vehicle at any given time.

The obvious benefit of this is that any transgression can be dealt with immediately i.e. should anything dallastagoutside the norm happen, the party involved can be identified with ease and, if necessary, cautioned to change their behaviour.

Of a less obvious, yet almost more important nature, is the fact that Driver Identification in IVMS will also provide those critical long term driving behaviour statistics. Our experience over many years have been that it is often the same drivers that speed, drive harshly and breach other requirements like the wearing of seat belts and engaging into 4×4 mode as mandated by IVMS guidelines on most mine sites. These drivers put their own and other drivers’ lives at risk and, less obvious, also cost the mine site more in terms of the ongoing costs in operating the fleet: it is after all a well-known fact that speeding and abuse driving manners also lead to a higher fuel consumption and maintenance bill.

Digicore’s IVMS system is fully integrated with a number of Driver Identification systems, starting off with the tried-and-tested Dallas key system, and evolving to a number of RFID swipe cards, inclusive of the high security Gallagher swipe card system.

Manchester Fob IVMS RFIDContact us today for a Driver Identification application that can be implemented without making changes to the system already in use by your organisation. We will simply work with your current swipe card system provider and integrate what your organisation already has in use with our system, allowing your staff to use the same card they use to obtain site access to also identify themselves when they enter a vehicle fitted with Digicore’s IVMS!