The integration of IVMS and other forms of GPS tracking.

As we have shown before, the overlap between IVMS and GPS is that IVMS is GPS in a more advanced format: all IVMS systems have GPS units, but not all GPS units are suitable for IVMS purposes.

As GPS becomes more and more commonly available and in use, there obviously is a need for an integration between basic vehicle tracking, IVMS and also asset tracking. How is all of this done?

The required and underlying functionality is in the online interface that interacts with all of these products. From an IVMS-managed vehicle driving in 3G, to a unit without electrical power way out in the Australian Outback where there is only satellite coverage, the simplicity lies in showing all of them on a single screen. This is sometimes easier said than done: different vendors have different products and not all IVMS suppliers also have asset tracking products.

At Digicore we provide our customers with this single-platform policy. Whether they have bought IVMS, GPS trackers or asset trackers from us, we show all of it on a single screen. We would normally show each product on its own screen, for instance IVMS on one interface and our Remora 3G asset trackers on the Telematics Guru interface, but then we also relay all of this information from different sources into a single, universal platform. From there we can provide generic solutions such as our VirtuaFuel, “anchoring” products for theft prevention purposes and also provide our customers with asset pickup reminders, whether that asset is a vehicle under IVMS management, a skip bin, a trailer or a container.

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