The relevance of IVMS in 2017

With the rapid expansion of GPS technology and a market that is shifting towards cheaper and as such more readily available vehicle and asset trackers, the question may well be asked if IVMS is still relevant today. IVMS, after all, dates back to the Australian mining boom in the period around 2009, so surely it has had its time?

Not true, IVMS is as alive today as it was back then.

The quiet secret of IVMS is that is has disappeared off the new-business agenda because virtually all mining companies already have it. Through their Safer Together program the gas field miners have, for instance, quietly cemented the permanent existence of IVMS in the mining industry. Mining companies themselves, and also their subcontractors, have become so used to IVMS and the technology has been imbedded to such an extent in mining vehicles and large fleet vehicles, that the term “IVMS” as a hot topic has disappeared. Nobody really talks about inertia reel seatbelts anymore and even safety aspects in vehicles like ABS are no longer mentioned: IVMS, like these, is simply assumed to be part of driving a vehicle safely in 2017.

The difference between basic tracking and a full IVMS system is as relevant today as it was eight or ten years ago: GPS tracking tells the owner where their vehicle is, IVMS tells the owner not only that, but also how it is being driven and by who. GPS trackers work here and now, IVMS data sits in a database and a driving trend five years ago can still be analysed by Digicore’s intelligent IVMS post-processing software today. When we get called by our customers to switch a 6-year old IVMS unit into a new replacement vehicle, then we get a quiet, unspoken confirmation that tonight, out there in a mining town somewhere, a driver is spending the night with his family, protected from his own and others’ temptations to do the wrong thing by a high-quality Digicore IVMS unit installed a long, long time ago.

Our market has shifted with the times and Digicore has, for its own continued existence and growth, also entered the lower-end small fleet and even personal asset tracking markets. But our core focus is and will always remain on IVMS, as IVMS, after all, is a step into protecting people, not just selling the next tracker.