Some key pickup’s available for monitoring using IVMS 

(If the pickup you require is not listed please contact us to find out how we can help. This is a list of our most common pickups not all pickups available) 
  • Driver ID (with in-cab enforcement)
  • Seatbelt usage (with in-cab enforcement)
  • Journey/fatigue management (with in-cab warnings and enforcement based on time)
  • Panic button (with send immediate over 4G and iridium and SMS and email escalation)
  • 4G Cat M & iridium communications
  • Harsh event monitoring (braking, cornering, acceleration) with in-cab enforcement
  • Up to 750 geo zones can be stored on the unit each with their own speed zones allowing the unit to enforce speed limits regardless of coverage (with in-cab alerts)
  • Top speed limit (with in-cab enforcement for breaches)
  • 2 hour second by second accident buffer for accident and rollover investigations


  • RAG reports (Red, Amber Green) for getting an overview of your fleet. Covers vehicle utilisation (kms) and harsh driving event either the drivers or vehicles
  • Speed event reports for geo-zoned speed-zone locations, public road speed limits and top speed breaches
  • Safer together reports using the safer together provided geo zone maps
  • Driver reports (who drove which vehicle and when) 
  • Daylight vs night driving
  • movement reports 
  • Public speed zones reporting
  • Geo-zone activity reports
  • Custom made iridium movement and RAG reports that mean you can track units movement in great detail even if the vehicle doesn’t come back into coverage at all for months on end
  • Maintenance reminders
  • ATO FBT Logbook
  • FTC reporting
  • Checklist reports

Checklist function

  • Vehicle checks can be done through the phone app that is then sent directly to the interface upon completion for quick referencing. When out of coverage stored on the phone until it comes back into coverage at which time the forms are uploaded.
  • Any in-field paperwork can be recreated to be completed through the app to aid in streamlining paperwork. This includes long form questions, yes/no type questions, reports, photos can be included, login and out, and signatures can be collected via phones touch screen.

Asset tracking

  • Assets are tracked with our suite of battery powered asset trackers. They all have extensive battery life with some having up to 10-12 years from a single set of replaceable lithium batteries. Click here for more info
  • Battery life of asset trackers is able to be viewed through the online interface and app for easy battery management
  • Asset trackers are set to report less frequently when sitting still to preserve battery and then go into a higher update mode when moving to provide trip data. They can also be remotely put into a recovery mode if the asset is ever stolen to provide real time tracking of the asset
  • Asset tracking reports, last reported, remaining battery, run hours, point history