Select an IVMS GPS Fleet product

Digicore offers the unobtrusive and customisable C-Track Assist and C-Track Solo premium fleet management systems.

Designed to give you full control over the operation costs of your fleet, both systems provide identifiable savings to your company right from day one. Not only will you have full knowledge of the whereabouts of your entire fleet at any given time, these solutions also offer a discreet means of improving safety and vehicle lifespan via live and report-based monitoring of driver movement, speed, revs and braking. With geofencing and route planning technology, you will also have the ability to determine optimum routes for each journey and restrict access to off-limit or high risk areas.

The ease-of-use of our software and the high level of customer service provided by our fully qualified and trained staff has made these solutions the preferred choice in large mining entities across Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. We can help you in making an informed decision on what tailored solution will provide the best possible outcome for your investment.

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