Choosing a Mine-Spec IVMS System

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Mine-Spec IVMS


When a vehicle is ordered for a mine site it is required to meet certain levels of safety, functionality and performance. Due to the differing conditions experienced on each site, there can be variances on what is required, but typically it involves

  • having the correct communications module,
  • being capable of 4WD,
  • having a lift kit to give better clearance off road,
  • at the very least a bull bar and tow kit, lights and flags for better visibility, isolators for battery and starter motor and other safety equipment such as med kits, fire extinguishers, wheel chocks etcetera
  • and of course IVMS.

When you are preparing your vehicle and making it mine-spec ready, it is the perfect time to also fit your IVMS, but doing so isn’t as simple as buying a tracker and fitting it. There are other considerations to bear in mind when selecting the correct product.

Firstly, you should consider which site the vehicle will be on, as each site has its own set of specifications and requirements when it comes to IVMS. Unfortunately, there is no single spec that has been agreed upon throughout Australia for IVMS. So, if for example you are a contractor that may visit multiple sites throughout the life of the vehicle, then installing the most versatile and adaptive IVMS is important.

Secondly, you should consider the connectivity in the area you could be working. Some sites don’t have great cellular reception, others have excellent reception and some don’t have any at all. If the site has particularly bad or no reception, then you may need a device that connects and communicates over satellite. More often than not it will be a requirement that you can get a distress signal out in case of an emergency, regardless of cellular signal. This is a safety measure so if you haven’t got the right device you might not be allowed onto the site. Unfortunately, having a satellite communication module fitted to your IVMS will require a more expensive unit and also a more expensive communications plan.

Digicore has been providing IVMS for the mining sector for over 13 years, including aiding many major mining groups design their specifications in the first place. During this time, we have had dealings with virtually every major mining group in the country and exposure to their IVMS requirements. Knowing this, we have selected as a default solution the best and most versatile device we could, and created a specialised custom reporting system to deal with the many different reports, geo-fence integrations, report layouts, and specialised reporting requirements of each site. The aim was to offer an IVMS unit that would be compliant, or can be made to be compliant, on any site in the country and also do so in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our no-lock-in contracts allow you to activate and deactivate your service as needed. Add to that the ability to plug-and-play and upgrade to Iridium communications if and when needed (without having to take the vehicle in for a service call), access to a team of very experienced support staff that will go out of their way to ensure you have the correct reports you need to stay compliant, and a very modern, user-friendly online user interface that provides everything you need without feeling cluttered.

Now, combine that with the fact that Digicore offers everything you could need, including asset tracking, IVMS and personnel tracking and even a commercial grade dash camera system with its own fully featured live interface, then soon you’d come to realise there simply isn’t a better choice when it comes to mine-spec IVMS than…

Digicore – the Gold Standard in IVMS solutions!