DCA200 – Asset Tracking

Satellite asset tracking

Developed in response to many requests from clients for a basic, compact and cheap asset tracking product, the DCA200 is an asset tracking product with the smarts to perform many tasks, depending on the configuration requested.

This unit is designed for harsh environments – With an IP68 rating, things like tracking your trailers, generators and light plants, and in fact any fixed or mobile asset, becomes cheap, reliable and efficient.

Simple Installation

A basic installation can be done with 4 tamper proof screws and it provides approximately three years of battery life. Can be installed in minutes! There is also a breakout cable incuded for more complex installations where external power is available.

Digital Inputs

Two Inputs which can be used for many things – such an example would be a “run on” light on a pump, or a “low fuel” light on a lighting plant, your imagination is really the limit. This can be used to trigger a message to the web interface, even an SMS to your phone!

A Simple Web Portal

A simple and easy to understand Web Portal – Track your assets in one simple easy to comprehend web portal. We can even combine your vehicles and plant into one system with TrackIt – ask us how!

Time based reporting

You simply advise us what times you wish to know the location of your assets, and we then set up the unit accordingly. Set and forget!

Motion Sensor

Set up an alert based on if the asset is moving.

Theft Recovery Mode

Set a theft recovery mode based on the maximum distance moved, i.e. you will receive an SMS.

Custom Maps

Digicore can upload your custom aeriel images to our map base, no longer do you need to look at outdated Google images!

With the customer service and backup from one of the best in the business, and a proven record of Asset and Vehicle monitoring in the mining environment, Digicore has the experience to understand what you need and want from an IVMS supplier.

Contact us to discuss how we can improve your asset visibility and operation effectiveness with this simple, easy to use device.