DCA270 Solar – The Asset to keep track of your Assets


The DCA270 Solar is one of the most flexible tracking devices ever made for asset tracking applications. Due to its ability to power itself, tracking is no longer limited to assets that have their own power supply. There is also no expensive installation: simply attach it to whatever it is you want to track, it couldn’t be easier!

To add to this flexibility, the DCA270 Solar uses Telstra NextG™ Jasper SIM cards which afford you the flexibility to switch the units on and off remotely. This means that if you’re not using the tracker for a while, then you’re also not paying for it.


The DCA270 Solar has in-built intelligence that monitors the power availability and adjusts the reporting rate accordingly, ensuring that you will l know where your assets are even on the darkest days. Here’s how it works:

Battery > 70%

Active Tracking Mode:

In this mode (if enabled) the unit will respond to movement using the built-in accelerometer. When movement is detected, the GPS chip and modem will be turned on and used to track the movement and data will be uploaded live to the server when tracking. This mode is handy for live tracking of units that move occasionally, but it uses the most power.

Battery > 30%

Periodic Tracking Mode:

In this mode the unit will wake up and obtain a GPS fix, then send this information to the server on a scheduled basis. Testing suggests that this period can be as frequent as once per hour while still maintaining a level of charge on the battery.

Battery < 30%

Power-saving Mode:

In this mode the unit will wake up, obtain a GPS fix and then send its position to the server twice per day. The rest of the time the device will be powered down to allow the maximum charge from the solar panel to go into the battery.

 Recovery Mode

The unit supports a recovery mode where, regardless of the battery level, the device will attempt to obtain a GPS fix and communicate with the server every 10 minutes. The unit can be switched remotely into and out of recovery mode.


The DCA270 Solar is incredibly affordable for a NextG™ tracking device, especially when considering the added versatility that the solar panel affords.

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