DCA400 – Tracking IVMS


The DCA400 range is Digicore’s premium GPS tracking solution and is used by our Tier-1 resource sector customers. This fully scalable system allows for remote upgrades and uses some of the most advanced global technology available. It has been developed for professional haulers, logistics and supply chain management, mobile workforce management, public transport and also emergency services applications.

Using this powerful and intuitive product, your fleet managers will have an asset and fleet tracking solution which provides real time tracking, improve driver safety and maximise return on assets.

Vehicle and Incident Statistics

The DCA400 continuously records data at a high resolution giving you statistics and documentation of driving profiles and vehicle abuse. By displaying data on speed, RPM levels, braking, idling and seat belt usage, the system is able to alert the driver when set parameters are breached and notify management through SMS, e-mail, online access or post processed reports.

Real Time Alerts

Receive up-to-date colour-coded alerts on your journey maps, showing panic alarms, battery tampering, off-route notifications, danger area violations, waypoint entry and exit, breaches of driving standards and more.

Multi-Feature Reports

The DCA400 reports allow a huge range of statistics to be compiled and analysed. High quality journey maps can be displayed in up to 50 windows with powerful zoom capabilities from Country down to Street level. All data is presented in an intuitive, user-friendly format.

Fully Expandable

Compatibility with 3rd party peripherals such as barcode scanners, PDA’s, temperature loggers and other potential future requirements, optimises your fleet investment.

Expanded Memory

With up to 4 months of internal storage in each unit, the DCA400 will continue monitoring even if communication with the unit is not possible for an extended period of time.

Rollover and Accident Reporting

By detecting tilts beyond 45 degrees and impacts beyond a force of 6G, our unit will immediately record critical accident data. It has the ability to send out a distress SMS which can be relayed to any designated parties so that worker safety is optimised.

Driver Identification Options

Our product integrates with a number of identification methods, including Dallas keys, CARDAX readers and Manchester keyfob readers. We can tailor this to suit any access cards your employees may already be using. This simplifies vehicle management and encourages employee compliance by eliminating extra steps.

Multiple Driver Communication Options

Select the most appropriate communication method for your drivers using the flexible hands-free Driver Console Unit which enables text based, one way or two way communications.

Remote Upgrades

Any upgrades to the system can be performed remotely, without interrupting the productivity of your fleet.

Quality Production and Design

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2001 Quality Standards with full GSM type approval, the DCA400 is a compact, integrated unit with standard idle and active power modes.

The DCA400 provides immediate transmission of data via GSM networks to an accuracy of 10 metres If your vehicle operates beyond mobile coverage, we also offer dedicated satellite transmission for use in non-GSM areas thereby providing you with the most complete coverage possible.

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