DCA600 – Premium IVMS

Advanced Mining IVMS

Digicore’s In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) are used by Australia’s largest mining companies to improve driver safety through the monitoring of driver behaviour, such as speed limit breaches, lack of seatbelt usage, harsh braking, unauthorised trips, excessive idling, lack of 4×4 engagement and over-revving.

Based on our popular DCA400/500 series, also known as the Ctrack iS420,  drivers are being accurately monitored no matter where they are on mine sites. Our software engineers have elaborate skills in dealing with mine maps accurately and we provide our customers a choice of multiple online interfaces: one based on Google maps and another on layered mine maps to give a more accurate and current reflection of where vehicles are.

If you need IVMS that pays for itself through a reduction in vehicle abuse and reduced trips, if you need to get the safety tick from your mining work provider and if you need a product that will protect your drivers, then Digicore’s DCA600 series is the answer!