Driver Identification

Driver Identification for IVMS made easy

If you’re operating a business, chances are you already have an identification system based on one form or another of RFID, or Dallas type tag.

Digicore can provide in-vehicle integration of your existing identification to identify drivers in your vehicles for IVMS purposes, and in combination with our vehicle tracking systems to track not only your vehicles, but also the drivers. This better enables you to enforce OH&S, not only on a per vehicle basis, but also on a per driver basis.

The system operates by installing an RFID reader into your vehicle alongside your Digicore IVMS tracking system. This can be used to force your drivers to identify themselves to the IVMS system before the vehicle would start, or as a minimum remind them to identify themselves through a reminding and on going sound.

Depending on the installation, the IVMS driver ID system can, amongst others, cope with:rfid

  • Encrypted and Unencrypted Dallas tags
  • Manchester encoded tokens
  • Mifare Cards (13.56MHz)
  • HID Prox Cards (125 kHz)

13.56 MHz Mifare technology also offers the following key advantages over 125 kHz and dallas technologies:A unique ID code that is factory programmed and tamper proof (vs. facility/ user codes that can be duplicated in HID Prox or EM or Manchester).

  • 1 Kbyte user memory vs. no user memory (in HID Prox or EM or readerœManchester€ or Dallas)
  • Multiple memory sectors with authentication/ encryption enabling secure applications (cash card, canteen etc)
  • Faster data transfer/ read speed conforms to an open standard (ISO14443) for interoperability

It generally makes sense to use Dallas tokens or 125 kHz (HID Prox or EM or Manchester) as pert of the IVMS system only if your site already has this technology installed for general access control. In all new IVMS installations, Mifare is the logical choice as it is readily available and cheap.

Due to the varying forms of identification in the marketplace, we ask that customers with existing infrastructure provide us with an example of their identification well before IVMS fitment, so as to ensure maximum compatibility.