IT Integration

computer-159838_1280IVMS as a stand-alone product, and as often supplied by many of our competitors, can be a rigid, pre-packaged system, that has very limited room for modification. Simply taking a GPS product and packaging up a few reports does not make the grade of IVMS – it is just GPS with added reports.

Digicore’s IVMS package is backed and developed on an ongoing basis through our association with our sister company Perfekt Pty Ltd As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of IT Products and Services, providing installations and services across the country, we are backed by suppliers and integrators of high-end products and services. Products such as CommVault, EMC, Symantec and numerous others, all of which require a high level of certification.

How does this affect our IVMS offering? IVMS is essentially an IT business – data is relayed from a vehicle to a data centre where it is turned from data into information and intelligence, our key speciality. Our services are all backed by high quality infrastructure, off-site D.R. services and high levels of contingency. Combine this with our professional programming development skills and Digicore’s IVMS is in a class of its own. We do not rely on overseas suppliers to modify products – if ours does not suit your requirements then we modify it; if our IVMS need to be adapted to our customers’ certification of HSEC needs then we change them to suit.

Do you have an asset management system? We will integrate. Running an online fleet booking system? We will link the IVMS database with your booking system and save you money through higher efficiencies and better ways to manage the vehicles. Want to run the IVMS system in-house? We will build a virtuatlised image you can simply import, start up and start using – no struggle, no fuss. Need a new safety report or ad hoc data on seatbelt usage? Contact us, we extract and process data on a same-day basis.

Designing software, developing, changing, testing, integrating…our motto is to make it fit, and as IT specialists we are miles ahead of any of our local competitors!