Small to Medium Enterprise Fleets


SME’s have been crying out for a quick, non-binding solution when it comes to vehicle tracking.

A recent drop in hardware and communication pricing has now made tracking a far more viable option for small businesses to finally jump in without having to justify the extraneous costs that used be associated with it.

Often there is no need for perceivably full-on IVMS solution to be installed.

Generally, all that a fleet owner wants to know is who was driving their vehicles, where they have gone and did they do so in a safe manner.

Digicore offers its customers the easiest possible solution: GPS trackers that come at an aggressively competitive unit price bundled with budget conscious interface access, support and communication fees, all without a lock-in contract.

Add to that the option to swap units between vehicles or to suspend tracking all together, all without any cost, and tracking your delivery drivers or subbie vehicles have become much, much more affordable than it has ever been before!

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