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The DCA000 RF Asset Tracking family of products The DCA000 is a low cost asset tracking solution that is driven by advanced RFID technology. The DCA200 Globalstar Simplex TrackIt System The DCA200 series is a satellite driven spot tracking solution for mobile plant and assets. The DCA300 Entry-level NextG TM Tracking devices The DCA300 is an entry level GPS fleet IVMS solution to make tracking your vehicles simpler.
The DCA400 High Level NextG TM Tracking devices The DCA400 is an advanced GPS fleet IVMS solution that can give you full IVMS visibility in your fleet The DCA500 NextG TM Portable Series The DCA500 series brings portable IVMS to your fleet to give you easy to install GPS tracking The DCA600 Mining IVMS product suite The DCA600 is a full featured mining IVMS solution to bring you full GPS Fleet visibility.
The DCA700 Personnel product suite The Digicore DCA700 family of products puts you in touch with your staff, no matter where they are! The DCA260 3G Asset tracking unit remora2 CAN-Bus Adapter