Low cost asset tracking

The T-Patch is a small, low cost “radio tag” designed to be attached to assets, vehicles, animals and people, to allow for them to be easily tracked and located. The device has an internal battery that allows the device to operate for up to 3 years (depending on operating parameters), and is enclosed in an IP67 plastic housing. (6cm x 3cm x 2cm)

DCA010 T-Patch Lite

The T-Patch Lite device is slightly larger than 2 AAA batteries and contains a radio transceiver and antenna operating in the 868 or 915 MHz ISM band.

The device operates in an extremely low power mode and wakes up periodically to transmit a unique serial number. The range of the RF signal can be set to range between a few metres up to 1km line of sight. The output power and transmission repeat time can be set to user requirements. The radio tag serial number can be read by readers located at strategic points on a site, or by roaming units in vehicles.

Examples of use include pumps, waste bins / skips, trailers, lighting towers, animals etc. It can also measure temperature and transmit this information.

DCA020 T-Patch GPS

The T-Patch GPS is a T-Patch unit with slightly bigger battery pack and a high sensitivity GPS and antenna incorporated, as well as Flash memory for recording. Size is 10cm x 4cm x 2.5cm.

This allows the device to receive its exact GPS location and to transmit this location via the RF communications module. This unit also has an improved range of up to 1km line of sight. Depending on configuration the battery life can be up to 3 years.

This GPS radio tag is especially useful for tagging assets on a large site like a mine or a construction site, and to keep track of the location of the assets, without the running costs of a traditional GSM / SIM card based subscription, and of course is ideal for assets that do not have a power source.