Portable IVMS

When it comes to IVMS providers, the market place is getting more crowded every day. There are a multitude of different levels of IVMS providers out there, from experienced players like ourselves, to know-nothing cowboys peddling cheaply manufactured, poorly constructed trackers, trying to be accepted as viable products. It can be a minefield out there.

This in itself makes choosing an IVMS provider hard enough, walking that fine line of cost versus quality, especially when the units themselves seemingly all pretty much have the same capabilities. It’s just a question of quality and extra functionality that the better brands really offer. For the most part the inexperienced cowboys won’t be able to meet the specifications that are required for professional IVMS, like fatigue management and geo-fencing using overlays to run reports, so it is always important to ensure they can at least fully meet the spec required before investing in a system.

What really separates Digicore from the pack however is our willingness to adapt, and our experience and knowledge to do so. This allows us to quickly respond to our clients’ needs and not just stick with the out-of-the box functionality, as so many of our competitors reportedly do. This is where Digicore shines and takes us to the top of the pack as an IVMS provider.

A great example of this adaptability is in Digicore’s custom range of portable IVMS.

While other companies might be able to offer you a tracker that plugs into a 12v socket or an OBD port, Digicore goes the next step and builds custom-looms and boxes to fully meet the IVMS specifications of a site, to offer full compliance in a plug-and-play, easy to use, portable unit.

With a Digicore portable IVMS solutions you have the option of picking up and having full functionality of any and/or all of the following:

• Enforceable Driver ID
• Panic button with send immediate messaging over email and SMS
• Seatbelt pickup and monitoring with optional in-cab alerts
• 4G cat M1 communications
• Plug-and-play Iridium communications functionality and/or upgradability
• Hundreds of geo-zones with the option their own speed-zones storable on the unit with optional in-cab alerts
• Fatigue/journey management with optional in-cab warning and alerts
• Safer Together geo-zone mapping cross referenced reports
• Harsh braking monitoring with optional in-cab alerts
• Harsh cornering monitoring with optional in-cab alerts
• Harsh acceleration monitoring with optional in-cab alerts
• Top speed with optional in-cab alerts
• Impact and rollover detection with send immediate messaging over email and SMS
• Public road speed limit speeding reports
• Tax logbook automation
• Automated FTC (Fuel Tax Credit) public road vs private road claim reports to ensure maximum claim
• RAG reports
• Maintenance scheduling based on km travelled and/or time intervals
• Vehicle utilisation reports
• Custom reports generation to meet report layout requirements of specific sites or specific and non-generic information requirements

To our knowledge no other company offers such a comprehensive, portable IVMS solution. When you combine this with our 13+ years’ experience in the field working with the top mining companies in Australia, our no-lock-in contracts policy, our extensive range and knowledge of integrated solutions for all manner of tracking from vehicles to assets, battery powered solutions, personnel trackers, communication options and even mine spec live dash camera options, then our old-fashion values of fair play and integrity, very competitive pricing, customer service and local support shows why Digicore has earned such a good reputation as the IVMS business you can rely on.

If you are looking at buying IVMS in any permutation then you would be doing yourself a disservice to at not at least talk to us first.

Call one of our sales team now on (03) 9945 2244 for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.