IVMS Satellite Communication

The ideal vehicle tracking system for remote and exploration applications

Whether you are operating a single vehicle or a fleet, accurate tracking information is important in maintaining an efficient service and repair schedule, monitoring vehicle usage for tax or client charging purposes and checking driver behaviour, but in remote areas just pin-pointing the location of a vehicle can be of life-or-death importance.

If your vehicles are equipped with a customised iS400 Multi-comms system when they have to leave the bitumen, you’ll not only get all the data you need to get the most out of your staff and vehicles,
they’ll also never drop off the radar again. The iS400 Multi-comms utilises a combination of Tetra, Wifi, GPRS(UDP), SMS and Iridium technology to provide up-to-the-minute location information about vehicles via the most cost-efficient technology available, only using Iridium, for instance, when no other signal is within range. The system has the flexibility to allow individual customisation to decide which events should be sent via the Iridium fall-back signal, and to then configure the event priorities to be assigned to the other communication options.

So, while Digicore’s iS400 Multi-comms system is taking care of your vehicles and your people, it is also looking out for your bottom line!

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