IVMS and GPS for Local Government

The evolving nature of GPS

There has been a significant shift in the cost/ functionality ratio in GPS over the past few years. Prices have nosedived and yesterday’s advanced functionality has become today’s basic and standard functionality. Solid state accelerometers were expensive not that long ago and only top-of-the range GPS devices could detect driving style – this functionality is[…]

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IVMS and post-event accident investigations

A major benefit of the DigiCore Australia IVMS system is that it has the ability to provide second-by-second data for purposes of accident investigations. IVMS units record data a number of times per second, but not all of this is sent back-to-base as this will generate a significant quantity of data, having cost implications for[…]

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IVMS for Mining Oil and Gas is a constantly changing landscape

With the impending changes to IVMS requirements in Q3 for the CSG industry that have been just tabled as a final draft, we are reminded again that the requirements for IVMS in all mining, oil and gas industries are a moving target that you need a supplier that is on top of it all. That[…]