An orbituary to Cameron Holmes

It is with regret that Digicore advises that Cameron Holmes has passed away after a long illness.

Cam had been an integral part of our business since 2011, starting off as an installer, then as operations manager and finally as general manager, until his illness mandated him to take a step back in 2017.

Cam’s work runs deep in our business: our core staff today were selected and appointed by him. As an IVMS expert he has become well-respected in the mining and other industries and his wide knowledge on several aspects of software, electronics and many other disciplines in our industry has never failed to impress and amaze us.

We salute you Cameron Holmes – we will miss you as a person, we will miss you as a source of knowledge, and more than anything else, we will miss your drive, your energy and your sense of goodwill towards those around you.


Bertus Keyser