IVMS Driver identification: making use of existing tags

Digicore integrates their IVMS/ GPS systems with their customers’ existing personnel identification tags.


How does this work?


All quality systems enable a way for drivers to identify themselves. The whole premise of IVMS/ GPS is that driver behavior can be modified down to the level of discussing matters with an individual driver. Speeding, harsh driving, lack of seatbelts…all key aspects and if we don’t know who the driver is then there is no point and it becomes a group behaviour observation tool rather than the management tool it is meant to be.


How does it work? We ask our customers what swipe card access control cards they are using today. We then contact their RFID suppliers and work them to integrate their RFID systems with our online systems. This is a complex and at times expensive process as a fair bit of R&D is involved, it can also take several months as integration needs to be fully tested on-site through a pilot. We have for instance had cases where RFID userids had to be truncated to work with the system and this holds the risk of duplication. To date we have however always been successful and we have several IVMS/ GPS customers that use the same cards they use to open gates to also identify themselves when they drive vehicles.


Digicore – walking the extra mile to make customers’ systems work for them in the simplest possible way!