Why Digicore is the Ideal Partner for Fleet Managers & HSE Managers in Mining

As a Fleet or HSE Manager, you face numerous challenges in ensuring driver safety, asset tracking, vehicle monitoring, and data management.

With regulations and company compliance as top priorities, it’s crucial to find the right partner to assist you in achieving these goals.

Digicore, a leader in the Australian telematics market, offers the experience and expertise necessary to address your concerns effectively.


Let’s examine some of the major concerns and how Digicore can help you tackle them:

1. Driver Safety Prioritizing the safety of your team is essential. Mining sites can present numerous hazards, making it critical to prevent accidents. Digicore’s telematics solutions monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, cornering, and fatigue. Real-time alerts and reports enable you to address unsafe habits promptly and provide targeted training to improve overall safety.

2. Asset Tracking Managing expensive machinery and vehicles in your fleet requires constant oversight. Digicore’s GPS tracking allows you to monitor the location of your assets and set up geofences to ensure they remain within designated areas. This level of oversight helps prevent unauthorized usage and misplacement of equipment.

3. Vehicle Monitoring and servicing intervals minimises downtime and is essential in the mining industry, making it crucial to keep your vehicles in optimal condition. Digicore’s advanced vehicle diagnostics and maintenance reminders help you stay ahead of potential issues, reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns and repairs. Additionally, access to fuel usage data ensures your fleet is running efficiently, saving your company resources.

4. Handling Data Effectively managing the vast amounts of data generated by your fleet is vital. Digicore’s user-friendly Telematics Guru & Video interface consolidates this information, providing clear insights that inform your decision-making process. Moreover, their robust data security measures ensure your company’s sensitive information is well protected.

5. Compliance and Regulations Navigating the complex landscape of rules and regulations can be daunting, but Digicore is equipped to help. Their telematics solutions assist you in meeting the stringent requirements of the mining industry and ensure your fleet remains compliant. From Chain of Responsibility laws to fatigue management, you can trust that you are fulfilling all necessary obligations.

In conclusion, Digicore is the ideal partner for Fleet and HSE Managers in the mining sector. With their expertise, experience, and advanced telematics technology, they can help you safeguard your employees, streamline operations, and maintain compliance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your fleet management capabilities. Send in an enquiry and book an online demo with their team today to discover what Digicore can do for you.