IVMS – In Vehicle Monitoring Systems

Digicore has been an IVMS supplier to the mining and gas industries for well over fifteen years. In that time we have had our solutions on the sites of all the biggest players in the mining, oil and gas space. We have seen and been a part of designing many of the IVMS specifications that are common place on sites today.

When it comes to designing an IVMS solution for a new client and their site, Digicore doesn’t just simply give them a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, Digicore takes the time to talk about where their problem areas are, what they hope to achieve by implementing IVMS on their site before suggesting proven solutions to those particular issues along with offering up other elements we know will complement their goals and give a more rounded approach to their solution.

When first considering IVMS, we have found our clients motivations tend to be driven by one of three factors. As such we have tailored solutions to meet each of these as an initial jumping off point. 

  • Affordability – For those who are driven by a budget and want to get the most value out of their devices.
  • Portability – For when you cannot hardwire IVMS into your vehicle.
  • Site compliance – For those who want to ensure compliance on sites using dependable and flexible solutions.

Keeping these key factors in mind we have devised numerous versions of our IVMS solutions to our customers vehicle monitoring system and fleet management needs.




Digicore is the complete package when it comes to providing you the best solution for your IVMS requirements.

We know the industry, what is required and can guide you to the right solution to ensure you remain compliant on any site you might be entering without you needing to pay for functions you will never use. We have a bespoke reporting system that we can adapt to supply you with the reports you need as opposed to what is available on the system and can also integrate multiple styles of device all onto one platform. If for instance you also wish to track assets and/or personnel this can be provided on the same interface that your IVMS units report to.


Digicore truly is the one stop shop for all your real time GPS tracking needs.

We have the knowledge, expertise, hardware and software to fulfil your every requirement and will do so without locking you into a long-term contract or charging you unreasonable fees.