How does IVMS Work?

Our In Vehicle Management System (IVMS) – the cutting-edge solution is designed to optimize and safeguard your fleet operations.

IVMS works by utilizing state-of-the-art GPS tracking, advanced telematics, and real-time data analytics to help you monitor your vehicles with ease and efficiency.

Our system not only provides you with real-time tracking, but also offers valuable insights into driver behavior, vehicle health, and route optimization, enabling you to make informed decisions and improve overall fleet performance.

With Digicore’s IVMS, you can enjoy increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and enhanced safety, making it the ultimate tool to streamline your fleet management experience.

What happens next?

From here a number of things become available: live tracking, replays of trips, historical data on all elements monitored and, importantly, exception reports. These reports are based on your parameters and the specific requirements you have on your site.

For instance, your site might have different speed zones throughout different areas of the site that need to be monitored and adhered to. This can be maintained with geo-zones stored on the unit with their own speed zones that provide in-cab alerts for those zones if the speed limit is exceeded. The units also monitor driver styles, monitoring for harsh events like harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering and impacts that are tell tale signs of vehicle abuse. All of this data is then collated into easy to read reports that bubble the important data to the top so managers can easily see what incidents need their attention.


Why Digicore?

We have been supplying Australia’s mines and larger corporations with IVMS since 2008. Being specialists with a very wide spectrum of all possible IVMS products, we are ideally suited to not only give you a system that will keep you compliant, but also one that will exceed your expectations and save you money whilst protecting your staff.