IVMS – a Noun or a Verb?

IVMS is simply not a product that can be bought and sold and left to its own devices, it requires ongoing involvement.


Much as IVMS consists of hardware i.e. the GPS unit, a GPS aerial and several other pieces of equipment, it in the end is no different from a television set. Early on selecting an IVMS product and getting it installed properly is everything, but once installed IVMS can be compared to what is shown on a TV. Everybody forgets about the television set and the entire focus moves to the results (i.e. what is shown on the TV) that are achieved.

So what results are achieved by IVMS and why do we see it as a verb rather than a noun? The first and immediate impact of IVMS in a car is that the drivers are affected – they have to swipe to get the buzzer to stop making a high-decibel noise, then they have this box hidden somewhere under the dashboard that beeps briefly (warnings) at times and at times gives off a long continuous beep (violation). More than one driver has taken the dashboard apart to get to the buzzer, particularly if there is a problem with the swipe card reader or if they simply refuse to change their behaviour!

How is IVMS a verb for management? They need to tailor the system to be fair and reasonable – people need a bit of grace when it comes to speed violations and harsh driving as small violations are often necessitated by road conditions and traffic. Once these have been allowed for, the hard part kicks in: repeated violators need to feel the full brunt of IVMS detected violations and management often have the unpleasant task of enforcing IVMS rules and taking disciplinarily steps to deal with hardcore recalcitrants.

In the end IVMS, being the verb it is, delivers results for everybody: drivers are protected against their own temptations to break road rules, unnecessary trips are avoided and vehicles suffer far less damage – all of these are aspects we have pointed out many times over the years. The net result is often visible on the bottom line of the organisation: less time off work, less risk of litigation, less expensive damage to vehicles.

IVMS – here to stay, here to pay for itself! So is Digicore: old hands at IVMS, old hands at being there when you need help and advice to select and implement the right product and IVMS rules.