“No subscription” asset tracking.


Digicore’s revolutionary “No subscription” asset tracking.


We have over the years been contacted by our IVMS/ GPS Tracking and other customers for asset trackers: things get lost and stolen and GPS trackers will tell us where they are.

Unlike other options, customers that receive an ongoing service, assets only need to be tracked when they are lost or stolen. So we came up with a new plan: fit a tracker, test it, then turn if off. From this point onwards, until they need to turn it back on, our customers do not pay a monthly fee to have their assets tracked. If something gets lost or is stolen then all they need to do is call us – we will turn the tracker on, tell them where the asset is and then turn the asset’s tracker, or more specifically its SIM card, off again. During this dormant period there is simply no ongoing fee.

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Digicore – class leaders in IVMS/ GPS Tracking, now also in asset tracking, at a cost never offered before.