Personnel tracking


In today’s day and age, government legislation has caused companies to become highly vigilant towards their responsibilities regarding the safety and wellbeing of their staff. It’s little wonder that OH&S has become such a big focus in so many sectors. This responsibility is particularly evident within the mining and exploratory industries where staff need to work in hazardous environments and potentially out of mobile coverage for extended periods of time.

IVMS is a great way to keep track of your vehicles and with the addition of an iridium communications module, IVMS can even be very useful outside of coverage, but what happens when the staff get out of their vehicles? An accident is just as likely to occur on site as within an IVMS equipped vehicle and it is still the responsibly of any company to ensure their staff’s safety at all times.

This is where personnel trackers become important. Digicore has many different solutions at its disposal, not only for IVMS, but also many other purposes including many asset tracking technologies, TETRA rivalling communications, commercial grade dash cameras, and of course personnel trackers.

Our personnel tracker of choice is the Spot Gen 3. In our opinion this is the best option for just about all personnel scenarios as it is not restricted to cellular connectivity, instead opting for the global coverage of satellite communications. It is also rugged, small enough to be pocketable or worn on a lanyard and is battery powered, meaning that with a spare set of AA batteries in the vehicle, you’ll never be caught unable to get a message out due to lack of power.

As with so many of our IVMS solutions, Digicore has customised the way the data is processed for the corporate environment. Whilst it is true that you could purchase this particular unit from many different outlets, the difference is in the way our reports are generated and the data is processed.

As with our IVMS solutions, we pipe the data to two interfaces. On one interface we can display Spot Gen 3 devices data alongside, and on the same interface, as many of our mine spec IVMS solutions.

The second interface is our custom reporting system. By sending the data here we are able provide reports on all Spot Gen 3 units that a business has in one easily automated and email-able document to provide an easy to read overall snapshot of what is going on in the field, both from a movement and also alerts prospective. This can then also be married up with the IVMS vehicle data and driver ID to give a one-stop solution and potentially even one report for all tracking solutions a customer has with us.

Give Digicore a call today and find out how we can help your business meet its OH&S responsibilities and fleet management needs.