IVMS (in-Vehicle Monitoring Systems) are essentially advanced tracking systems that integrate standard GPS functionality with driving style, giving you a combined view of who is driving your vehicles, when and where they drive them and, importantly, how they drive them. This is done by collecting details such as seatbelt usage and combining it with information picked up from the vehicle like RPM, and then integrating it with GPS data like speed and position.

Inside each IVMS device is also what is known as a solid-state accelerometer (similar to the device that turns the screen inside your smart phone). This piece of technology can detect harsh driving style, which is then integrated with all of the other information, including driver ID through a swipe card, and sent back to our computer servers.

From here a number of things become available: live tracking, replays of trips and, importantly, exception reports. These reports are based on parameters you (or the site you work on) give us. For instance, how many speed violations and at what level are tolerates, what are the parameters for harsh driving detection, what is considered over –revving and excessive idling, to name but a few. The process also includes driver profiling, an aspect that ultimately saves live as drivers are aware that their driving habits are being watched.

If you are looking for IVMS then you have come to the right people. We have been supplying Australia’s mines and larger corporations with IVMS since 2008. Being specialists with a very wide spectrum of all possible IVMS products, we are ideally suited to not only give you a system that will keep you compliant, but also one that will exceed your expectations and save you money whilst protecting your staff.


  • Communications over 4G LTE Cat-M1 NB-IoT
  • Iridium communications
  • Live tracking
  • Trip tracking
  • Top Speed alerts with optional in-cab alerts
  • Speeding events on public road with public speed limits
  • Harsh events (Braking, Cornering, Acceleration) with optional in-cab alerts
  • Driver ID with optional in-cab enforcement
  • Panic button
  • Driver Fatigue/journey management with optional in-cab alerts
  • Send immediate with escalation for Impact and roll-over detection
  • Seatbelt pickup with optional in-cab enforcement
  • Local Geo-zone storage, and recognition on the device for entry and exiting with optional in-cab alerts
  • Settable speed zones within Geo-zone locations stored on device for reliable in-cab alerts of over speeding on sites and public roads within geo-zones speed zones
  • Public road speeding reports
  • ATO compliant automated logbook
  • FTC claim reports for public vs private roads
  • RPM monitoring if pickupavailable
  • Over-revving
  • Cruise control activation monitoring
  • 4WD engagement monitoring if pickup available
  • Live dash Cameras
  • Fatigue monitoring eye tracking for distracted drivers and micro sleeps
  • Full suite of reports