Case Studies

Royal Mail’s experience with the C-Track system

“We have implemented the vehicle and driver management strategy to support our objective to become the lowest cost postal operator delivering market leading quality of service.” – Mike Devanny, Head of Fleet and Maintenance Services, Royal Mail

Royal Mail has implemented a vehicle and driver management strategy to Royal Mail has implemented a vehicle and driver management strategy to improve road safety, drive down fuel consumption and maximize fleet efficiency.
improve road safety, drive down fuel consumption and maximize fleet efficiency.

Vehicle tracking is an essential element of this strategy to better manage mobile resources and employees within the UK delivery network that encompasses 114,000 post boxes, 68 mail centres, 1,400 delivery offices and 12,000 Post Office branches.

Advanced vehicle tracking

C-Track is now fitted on 8,000 collections and delivery vehicles in the Royal Mail fleet and has realised benefits including improved route planning and analysis, enhanced driver performance and increased management control. Ctrack has contributed to the following results:

  • a reduction in fuel consumption of more than 10 percent
  • a three per cent increase in driver productivity
  • improved fleet efficiency.

Fuel Management

Fuel costs make up a significant proportion of overall fleet costs. Despite such a widely dispersed operation in both urban and rural areas, Royal Mail can use C-Track to ensure that vehicles are driven efficiently and use the most effective routes. Since the introduction of the driver and vehicle management strategy, fuel usage has dropped by more than 10 per cent, representing a saving of £4.4 million.

Driver Behaviour

A driver risk assessment initiative has seen 27,000 drivers assessed and given individual risk ratings. Using the C-Track system, Royal Mail has accessed vital operational data to monitor the overall effectiveness of the programme and identify further areas of improvement. To date, accident rates have been reduced by 20 per cent and instances of speeding are down by more than 60 per cent. Meanwhile, harsh braking has been reduced by 70 per cent contributing to greater fleet efficiency.

Visibility and control

C-Track has enabled Royal Mail to monitor mobile assets to maximise vehicle and driver performance. The web-based, multi-user solution, suitable for up to 3,000 users, is deployed to staff responsible for managing the organisation’s collections and delivery operation across the UK.

Fleet utilisation

Accurate real-time and historical data has enabled Royal Mail to make the most of its fleet by identifying areas of underperformance and maximising resource uptime. Better utilisation of mobile assets has resulted in increased driver productivity of 3 per cent and improved fleet efficiency resulting in significant cost and environmental benefits.

Ctrack’s vehicle tracking system helps Thames Water optimise its fleet operation

Although Thames Water is already the largest water and wastewater Digicore is the premier IVMS and GPS supplier in the UK, it iscontinually looking for ways to improve and streamline its operations. To stay ahead of the competition the company is constantly looking for new ways to reduce overheads, increase customer service levels and achieve regulatory compliance. It realised that there was a need for a vehicle tracking and fleet management system that would support the company’s on-going efficiency programme through the optimisation of its fleet operation

So Thames Water adopted advanced vehicle tracking technologies using the Ctrack vehicle tracking system. Ctrack’s class-leading vehicle tracking technology was an essential element of its strategy to better manage the water and waste water services it provides to the 13 million people and businesses it supplies in its 5,000 square mile catchment area across London and the Thames Valley, from Kent in the east to Gloucestershire in the west.

Advanced vehicle tracking

Thames Water installed Ctrack to more than 1,200 vans used by the company’s service engineers. This advanced vehicle tracking system has enabled Thames Water to increase productivity, reduce overheads and achieve tangible operating efficiencies, leading to a:

  • 10 percent decrease in fuel consumption
  • a reduction in CO2 emissions of 429 tonnes, and
  • improved call-out response times

How did Ctrack’s vehicle tracking improve Thames Water’s performance?

Visibility and control

Ctrack provided Thames Water with added insight into its fleet operation, helping it to achieve measurable business and operational benefits. The real-time and historical data enabled the company to effectively manage mobile assets as part of its on-going efficiency programme, and resulted in lower overheads, enhanced performance and related environmental impact.

Fuel management

Thames Water was able to cut fuel usage by almost 10 per cent. [equating to 161,000 litres of diesel fuel] In addition, considerable environmental benefits have also been realised as a result of these fleet savings, with reductions in CO2 emissions of approximately 429 tonnes. Thames Water is committed to achieving best-practice in environmental management and this cut in CO2 forms part of its initiative to minimise emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Fleet utilisation

Thames Water used vehicle tracking to support the scheduling of planned and reactive work. This enabled the company to better serve its customers, whilst enhancing the productivity of its fleet operation. The Ctrack system provided the opportunity to reduce journey times and react quicker to customer needs, by sending the nearest driver to any location.

Health & safety

Thames Water is committed to protecting its mobile workforce and improving working conditions, and the company’s use of Ctrack formed an integral part of its health and safety procedures. As a result Thames Water has been able to better safeguard employees in the field by minimising potential risks to their safety and reducing the impact should an incident occur.