One Platform, Every Asset

Track and manage the assets that power your business with Telematics Guru, our intuitive GPS Tracking Platform featuring Google Maps, powerful customizable reporting and alerts, remote device health monitoring, and more.




Available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile





Simple Asset Lists

Get a birds-eye view of all your assets, view by movement status, and “favourite” for easy access.



Manage Trips On The Go

View Drivers, Trip Start and Stop Times and Locations, and Distance travelled at a glance.

Assign Trips to custom “Projects” or “Types” and add trip or job notes.



Location Tracking and Theft Recovery

Quickly switch to Recovery Mode to activate real-time tracking in case of loss, theft or unauthorised use.



One-Touch Movement Alerts

Set Movement Alerts and receive push notifications, email, or SMS notifications if movement is detected.



Distance and Direction

View how far away and in which direction your asset is with Asset Radar.



Location Tracking

Locate your assets in Google Maps, Terrain or Satellite View


Trip History

Capture and view Historical Trip Data to monitor routes, mileage, idle time, average speed and more.



Reporting on what matters

Explore, customise, schedule and download vital reports for analysis, optimisation and billing.

Select from common reports such as Asset Utilisation, Trip List, Low Battery, and Speeding, or create your own.



Configure Actionable Alerts

Set notifications based on exceptional events and specific asset behaviour.

  • After Hours Movement
  • Accident Detection
  • Speeding Alert



Set Boundaries

  • Create “Digital Boundaries” with user-friendly Geofencing tools.
  • Quickly bulk upload multiple Geofences with your own longitude, latitude, radius and priority data.
  • Configure breach alerts if an asset enters or leaves your boundary.



Schedule Preventative Maintenance & Job

Avoid costly repairs and reduce equipment and vehicle downtime with timely Maintenance Alerts and Job Reminders based on time, distance travelled, or run hours



Monitor Sensor Data

Report on integrated sensor data such as temperature, humidity, tank levels, door open/close, and more.



Configure & Manage Asset Health

See “healthy” and “unhealthy” assets at a glance based on sensor data and user-defined events or behaviour, such as temperature changes, tank levels, humidity, pressure, and more.



Monitor Battery Life & Usage

Ensure your assets are never left unprotected due to dead batteries with accurate battery life monitoring, remaining life predictions, and low battery alerts.

*Applicable to our battery-powered devices only.



Monitor Driver Behaviour

Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, idle times and more to improve driver safety and prevent unnecessary wear on vehicles.

  • Excessive Idling
  • Accident Alert
  • Speeding Alert



Capture Expenses

View all trips and easily mark as “Business” or “Private” to streamline Logbooking, Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) and Road User Charge reporting. Provide proof of service for accountability and invoicing. Add and view expenses linked to an asset with reference to Drivers, Projects and Departments



Manage Users & Permissions

  • Quickly add and invite new users.
  • Create and assign User Roles.
  • Manage permissions and control user access to specific features, reports and assets.
  • Set up Partner or Subsidiary Organisations.



Add Custom Map Overlays

Integrate your own custom map overlays to view your assets over timely aerial images. Custom Map Overlays are particularly beneficial for Construction, Oil and Gas, and Mining sites, as satellite data over these locations may be outdated.