GPS tracking and monitoring solution by Digicore has both immediate and ongoing benefits for you and your personnel.

The GPS tracking and monitoring solution by Digicore has both immediate and ongoing benefits for you and your personnel.

Benefits range from increased productivity and reduced costs, to legislative compliance and meeting your duty of care to staff and others. With our outstanding service and a product that leading companies trust worldwide, we can quickly create a solution which addresses every fleet management issue. Your business operations and bottom-line profits will see immediate benefits through increased safety, compliance monitoring and situational awareness of your assets.

Increased Productivity

With full monitoring of every aspect of your fleet’s movements, you will see marked increases in productivity as unauthorised trip stops and deviations are eliminated, optimised routes are followed and road regulations are adhered to.

Improved Fuel Consumption

By highlighting poor driving habits, minimising speeding and encouraging the use of pre-planned optimal routes, you will enjoy a significant improvement in fleet fuel consumption. Unauthorised vehicle usage quickly becomes obvious, which in turn fosters a more responsible culture.

Monitored Site and Asset Security

Our solutions not only track mobile fleet statistics, they also have the capability to monitor plant and light equipment to ensure the integrity of all your vital equipment. With this technology, you will have full knowledge of the whereabouts of all equipment at any given time.

Improved Safety and Risk Management

Digicore’s GPS fleet monitoring solutions include panic alarms, rollover and impact sensors and live alerts with pinpoint vehicle location for a faster emergency response time. By monitoring responsible driving behaviours, you can finally reduce the risks associated with your staff and assets

Overtime Claim Management

With full access to the trip time logs and journey maps of each driver, you will be able to effectively audit overtime claims.

Theft Prevention

Unauthorised vehicle use can be fully monitored for with precise live tracking and allow for swift vehicle recovery.

Enhanced Customer Service

You will be able to provide faster service to your customers with automated proof-of-service and delivery due to the increased ability to monitor and maintain trip timing.

Improved Asset Condition and Lifespan

As inappropriate vehicle usage is accurately logged and alerts are sent to the appropriate parties, you will have the ability to deal with and limit these behaviours. This in turn improves the condition of your mobile assets and their lifespan when excessive speeding, harsh braking, over-revving and inappropriate driving behaviours are minimised.

Automated Site Visit Logging

The need to manually log site visits is removed with our automated waypoint exit and entry notifications. This saves time and allows your managers to determine precise pick-up and delivery times as well as point-to-point durations.

Reduced Operation Costs

With on-site monitoring, we can help reduce operational costs by making available statistics such as location and usage status of assets. For example, you will be able to instantly determine if generator-powered lights have been left on unnecessarily during daylight hours, thereby saving you money.

Accurate Driver Identification

Our special RFID solution eliminates the need for the traditional dallas key systems. Our solution integrates with your existing company-issued user ID swipe cards for accurate identification of each vehicle’s driver.

Product Reliability and Simplicity

Digicore’s internationally recognised easy-to-use product has a user-base of over 400,000 units in 50 countries. You can enjoy the reliability of a sound product with personal local service all around Australia.

Lower Insurance Premiums

With our superior level of vehicle protection and security, you may even enjoy reduced insurance premiums.

High Level of Support and Service from Digicore

At Digicore, we pride ourselves on providing a premium level of service and support for every one of our valued clients. With a strong background in IT, we can also offer an exclusive level of data storage, and can provide you with advanced custom reports upon request for clear and comprehensive analysis.