Digicore's Telematics Guru Dashboard


An intuitive, visual platform

Track and manage the assets that power your business with our easy-to-use Video.digicore platform. Our Camera interface features, 30 sec HD video events on demand, summary of events and incidents, driver management, detailed configurations and much more.




Available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile for Android only

This is for installation purposes and allows you to see the position of the two camera’s when installing.





Digicore IVMS 2.0 App




Simple Asset Lists

Get a birds-eye view of all your assets, view by movement status, and ‘favourite’ for easy access.



Drowsy Driver Warning

Prevents accidents and unnecessary costs through real-time driver monitoring, also get alerted when the driver is distracted or drowsy. Know your top drivers and identify those who require coaching through an easy leaderboard.





Speed Limit Violation

Side-by-side view of driver and violation. Clear depiction of the event with the ability to add to the coaching panel and write notes for future use.



Location Tracking

Locate your assets in Google Maps, Terrain or Satellite View


Trip History

Capture and view Historical Trip Data to monitor routes, mileage, idle time, average speed and more.




Reporting on what matters

Explore, customise, schedule and download vital reports for analysis, optimisation and billing.

Select from common reports such as Asset Utilisation, Trip List and Speeding, or create your own.


Monitor Driver Behaviour

The Video.digicore Interface helps you to prevent fleet accidents through real time violation capture powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

You recieve real-time data and in-cab alerts on:

• Speed Limit Violation
• Harsh Breaking
• Harsh Acceleration
• Lane Drifting
• Harsh Cornering
• Tailgating
• Stop Sign Violation